Leasing and Preparation Services

 Property Preparation Services

  • Cleaning – Sometimes properties are not in perfect condition, sometimes they just need a little freshening up. Or sometimes they need more extensive cleaning. We offer a wide range of cleaning services. 
  • Repairs – No matter what the issue is, we can provide you with the solution.
  • Staging –This is not a service we recommend to most of our customers; however, for some of our higher end homes; sometimes it is more profitable to stage the home.
  • Lawn and Exterior Maintenance – We can provide any exterior maintenance to get your property up to par. A well maintained exterior can make the difference between a 30 day vacancy and 90 day vacancy.
  • Property inspection Reports - Before we list a property we complete a full home inspection. We do this to insure the property is full working order and document any imperfection and pre tenancy condition.
  • Photo documentation of property condition – This will enforce our inspection reports and give legal ground on property condition.
  • Lead Paint Inspections – State Law requires some properties to have a certified Lead Paint Inspection, We will manage this process on your behalf.
  • County License – As Rental Properties are growing in numbers every year, counties have started implementing ways to ensure safety to all of its residents and ways to track houses. We will manage and interpret county laws and regulations on your behalf to obtain proper county licenses.
  • Listing Photography – Once the property is ready for Listing we take strategic photos to show the property highlights to intrigued potential tenants.
Fee Structure

 Leasing Services

  • Market Analysis – We conduct a full market analysis on your property to ensure the best rental rate. We compare similar properties on the market to yours and give you our opinion on what the rental rate should be; However, you always have the final say.
  • Listing Services – We list your property on all major search engines, and classifieds.
  • Tenant Screening – Our tenant screening process is extensive, and includes full background checks, credit checks, income verifications and much more.