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As stated in all leasing agreements, all maintenance issues must be submitted in writing. Please fill out the form on this page and select submit when finished. You may follow up with an email to the maintenance department or call if your maintenance problem is an emergency.  All maintenance tickets should be submitted through this form. Texting and or Calling your Leasing Agent is NOT acceptable!

All maintenance tickets should be submitted through this form.

Before you submit a maintenance ticket please keep in mind section 19 of your lease titled Repairs and Exterior Maintenance (section number may very depending on the age of your lease)

Management will make major repairs to the exterior and interior in excess of One Hundred Seventy Five Dollars ($175) per repair or item with reasonable promptness after receipt of written notice from Resident. Failure to notify Management of any maintenance or repair issues will result in additional charged to cover costs of said repairs/maintenance due to this negligence. Additional charges and cost will be treated as Rent Due. Resident shall keep Premises in a safe, clean and sanitary condition, keep all gutters clear of leaves and debris, keep all lawn and hedges mowed and trimmed and flower beds and shrubbery in good order, promptly remove ice and snow and weeds from all walk ways, steps and driveway. Resident shall keep all drains free and clear of all hair and waster matter. Resident shall keep all toilets free of all inappropriate materials and waste matter. Resident is responsible for replacement of the furnace filters at least every three months. Resident is responsible for any all minor repairs less than a One Hundred Seventy Five Dollars ($175) value per repair or item. Resident is responsible for all repairs required due to Residents miss use or neglect regardless of cost. Resident shall keep any and all exterior property maintained, clean and safe regardless of cost. Exterior property may include but not limited to lawns, gardens, deck, driveways, windows, fences, patios, gutters, siding, brick, sheds, etc.…

​Minor repairs include but not limited to:
  • Door/Screen Door Closure Repair
  • Plumbing obstructions
  • Minor A/C, Furnace Repair

  • Minor Plumbing
  • Minor Electrical
  • Door/Window Screen Repair
  • Minor washer, dryer, garbage disposal, smoke detector Repair

Lastly please determine if your maintenance issue is an emergency.

What is Emergency Maintenance ?

  • No Heat
  • No Air Condition
  • A Leak any were on the property
  • Anything that my cause harm to persons
  • Anything that my cause immediate damage to any or all structures on the property
  • No Power
  • No Water

Maintenance Ticket Request Form

Describe your Maintenance Issue with as much detail as possible.
Is your Maintenance Issue an Emergency? Yes or No
Street Address
City and State
When did this issue start?
Please include comments about things you have already checked and any attempts you have already made to correct the problem. If your issue is with an appliance please provide the brand and model number if it is accessible.
After you submit your maintenance ticket you will receive an email from the maintenance department. The email will ask a series of questions to allow our maintenance team to better diagnose the problems and to make sure it falls under the maintenance departments scope of work. You MUST reply to the email with the appropriate responses in order to complete the submission. If the maintenance department does not receive a reply your maintenance issue will NOT be addressed.