Management Services

 Tenant and Lease Management Services

  • Move in Reports – These reports are crucial to preserve the properties condition and to hold the tenant responsible for any damages.
  • Rent Collection and Late Fee Assessments – We have two rent rolls, the tenant has a 5 day grace period then a 5% late fee will be assessed. We make sure the owners are fully aware of any late rent payments and further actions.

  • 6 month Inspections – This is one of our most important duties, these inspections are to confirm your property condition and to address any issues and damages.

  • Lease enforcement – Managing a tenant on a monthly basis is more than just collecting rent and assessing late fees. 80% of our time is taken up by enforcing our properties Lease. Our lease is a contract between the tenant and our company not only to enforce rent but to enforce the Preservation of the property. There are many things that are associated with the lease that need constant enforcement. Including but not limited to, Pet regulations, General Maintenance, Exterior Maintenance, Utility Cost, and Occupancy. 

  • Maintenance – We have strict procedures in place to handle maintenance quickly and efficiently.

  • Eviction Services – Evictions are a messy business, we follow the legal proceedings put in place by the state of Maryland to ensure a smooth eviction process. But once a tenant is out of the property the work is not over, we manage the entire eviction process from curt fillings to tenant belonging removal.

  • Court filings and Procedures – Outside of Eviction there are other court filings that may need to be done. We handle all court filings and judgments in the event of leave violations.

  • Lease Renewal/Expiration – We manage all Lease Renewals and Expirations, 90 days prior to lease expiration the tenant at your request has the option to renew the lease or to allow the lease to expire. At this point we will start the paper work required to welcome the tenant to another year or to help the tenant out of the property as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal is to have a new tenant in the property with in a week of the vacancy.

  • Move out Inspections – This inspection is done to document the condition of the property as time of tenant vacancy. This will give management the ability to asses cost of damages done by the tenant. This report partnered with the Move in and 6 month inspection reports will protect the owner against any unlawful claims of Security Deposit miss use.  

  • Security Deposit enforcement – How a Security Deposit is handled is strictly enforced by state laws. It is our job to make sure all laws are being upheld and at the same time make sure you are reimbursed for coast you are entitled to. 

  • Monthly and annual Financial Statements – We provide you with monthly financial statements outlining all income and expenses pertaining to your investment. We also provide you with annual reports, 1099s and all documents necessary to filing tax returns.

Fee Structure